June 15, 2017

Ok, you caught me! I guess I have a "thing" for all things animals (since last weeks post was about baby animal pictures)....I think it started when I was very young and my Aunt Jan always loved anything leopard and I loved her style. From then on, I wanted to be like her and had to have anything leopard....obsession was born.

There is something just so beautiful and organic about hides and furs, they can make a space feel warm...

June 8, 2017

Bill and I thought people would think that we are a little loco when we decided to style our guest room with baby animal pictures, but we just couldn't resist!!

Restoration Hardware Baby & Child has probably the most popular collection and what we decided to use, as it fit the "look" of the rest of our room. Pictures can be found HERE.

We decided on 3 over the bed. Most mistakes people make when designing their bedrooms is NOT p...

April 27, 2017

As you may know, my husband, Bill, and I tend to have a minor obsession (nothing balanced about it, haha) when it comes to homes....we just can't leave them alone! Not sure if it's in our DNA or a much needed creative outlet for us. I am usually the catalyst in most of the new projects, going to open houses and coming home just to drag Bill out to see home so he can fall in love as much as me with the space. He must be my sole...

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