Balancing Act

Balance...sounds like it should be a simple thing to achieve, but throw in work, family and life and things always seem to get a bit out of whack. At least for me, it does.

I can certainly say I am not the poster child of a balanced life, as a young entrepreneur, I have made the cliche mistakes… BUT, I am working it and was hoping we could do it together!!

Although I don’t think there can be balance all-day, every-day, my goal is to slowly re-orient my life so I have time to figure out what hobbies I enjoy and have time to travel, all-the-while still being able to be a go-getter at work.

I don’t know about you, but I am either full-steam ahead or so exhausted it’s tough to peel myself out of bed in the morning....

After my husband Bill and I spent 1 beautiful month in New Zealand for our delayed honeymoon, it hit home that we are missing out on so much and worry about so much (small stuff) on a day-to-day basis.

I told myself as I leapt (OK, maybe it was more of a bunny hop) off the AJ Hackett 120m bungy in Queenstown, New Zealand that things were going to change in my life, starting now! I was going to focus my efforts on positive changes in my (and our) lives. Seems like a lot of pressure attached to a jump, eh?!

Although it took a ton of nerve for me to jump off a ledge and free-fall nearly 450 feet (I found my stomach in my throat) and I know that although it was an amazing experience (that I will probably never repeat again, LOL), If I could put mind over matter with that, I could do the same with my life.

I am looking forward to taking this journey and hope you will join me.

XO, b

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