Wine and Cheese, please?

It's Fri-yay!!!! yippie! Time to get a few things done around the house and then relax with some good cheese, crackers, fruit and of course wine!

Went ahead and created this yumminess for a few friends popping over on our favorite cheese board ever from Nambe, as seen here. FYI, this would be an amazing wedding gift, for anyone looking for something different but totally usable....

Bill and I are trying to get better about NOT WORKING ALL OF THE TIME. So, we did what we would do with any other work activity, SCHEDULED A DINNER WITH FRIENDS! It's just as cliche as scheduling time to workout and take time for yourself, but we find this to be true with friends too. Everyone has such busy schedules nowadays, but some of the real highlights and pleasures in life is getting together and laughing with close friends.

We popped open a bottle of wine we picked up from New Zealand, actually, I think it is our favorite Riesling EVER from Gibbston Valley Winery outside of Queenstown!! It has hints of lime and citrus, perfect for the summer season.

Cheers to a great weekend!



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