Motivational Monday's

Love this quote and thought it would go great with the very inspiration speech below.

Some of the highlights from Will Ferrell's USC Commencement Speech, what an inspiration to both Bill and I! We are learning on "trusting our gut" again, something we both have seemed to ignore when going through a difficult period.

Also, "throwing darts", it is so important to get out there and throw out many things and see what sticks. For a planner-type like me, it can be hard to not understand what is going on and what the next step in our future is going to be. I am sure many of you woman out there know what I am talking about. But life is spontaneous and as long as we are trusting our gut and continue to throw darts, I believe completely that will be a great guide to help us through our journeys.

Click HERE to watch the highlights from the Will Ferrell speech.

Hope you enjoy and this gets your Monday morning inspirations flowing...



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