The B's Knees, Have a Great Weekend!

What we’re:

doing this weekend: Drinking coffee and walking on the (Vero) beach

drinking - I love good Mojito, saw this rum and mint drink, and thought I would give it a try

reading The Abundance Code by Julie Ann Cairns, heard her on the Hay House Podcast, #83, can't put the book down!

gossiping about This news story that gave me chills. About a HUGE spider, all of you that know me, know I HATE SPIDERS, this is one of my worst fears!

listening (on repeat) to the most amazing song that came up when I was listening to Pandora. The Paper Kites "Bloom"

decorating, see what's new under my The Home tab in Pinterest. It's more like spring organization!

wearing white linen shorts this weekend, it seems to officially be summer here in FL!

being inspired by this laundry room, as we try to finish our's up! Pics of ours to come

XO, b

#beesknees #weekendvibes



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