Trending Thursday's: Hides and Fur

Ok, you caught me! I guess I have a "thing" for all things animals (since last weeks post was about baby animal pictures)....I think it started when I was very young and my Aunt Jan always loved anything leopard and I loved her style. From then on, I wanted to be like her and had to have anything leopard....obsession was born.

Century Sylvie Chair in our Office

There is something just so beautiful and organic about hides and furs, they can make a space feel warm, cozy, soft and it doesn't matter if you are super contemporary or very traditional, a mountain retreat or a condo in the city, it is a trend that transcends the spaces.

Bill and I have been working on furnishing our latest place and I FELL IN LOVE (head over heels) with this beautiful Century chair, so we splurged on it. It is in the office and adds another layer against our wood-look wallpaper we installed. I think it is always so important to mix "softs" (flowers, furs, rugs, throws,etc) with the "hards" (tables, lamps, pictures, cabinets, leathers, etc).

If you go back to last week's post, you can see that we also have a faux hide in our guest room and provides definition and depth to a space that would ordinarily be blah! Guys, fur and hide isn't just for winter any longer and can be found in many different applications, including Florida!!

When purchasing fur I always recommend Mongolian Lamb, it is just so soft and beautiful. West Elm has done a large application of the Mongolian fur here.

When purchasing hides / faux hides, I have great luck with and best of all, the price points are reasonable and most have reviews you can read before purchasing. That is exactly what we did for our faux hide in the guest room.

Below are some more applications of fur and hide that are ON POINT! Step out of your comfort zone and try a small application somewhere, even if just a throw pillow or two, my guess is that you are going to end up loving it!

XO, b

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